2nd Annual

Cyber Security for financial services

Transforming Nation’s Vision with Cyber Security


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Event overview

Cyber-attacks on financial firms have increased in style, magnitude of impact, intent and complexity. With an ever evolving cyber-threat risks to financial organizations, it is imperative for firms to balance being open and being secure.

There is no permanent ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for the issue and hence, financial organizations need to be proactive and dynamic in dealing with threats. They need to rely on modern infrastructures and technology advancements.

Sri Lanka is placed 14th least secured country in terms of cyber-security by Comparitech– a UK based pro-consumer website that provides information, tools, and comparisons across the world in the field of technology. The score places the country as one of the least prepared to counter cyber-attacks as well as one that needs to drastically refine its legislation on the subject.

Explore Exhibitions & Conference LLP for the second time hosts Colombo’s premier cyber-security conference for the BFSI sector with the determination to support the region with their on-going cyber-security efforts.

While the financial institutions, apex bodies and associations in Sri Lanka are constantly striving to address multifaceted cyber-security aspects, this exclusive platform serves the BFSI professionals to examine, discuss, debate and implement advanced global strategies to bolster its e-perimeter.


The conference will attract the key decision makers in the region as well as leading global solution providers to analyse the current landscape, fine tune its policies & best practices as well as introduce advanced methodologies to increase the level of security in the BFSI sector.

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Conference highlights

– Premier Cyber Security Event in the Country for BFSI sector

– 20+ expert speakers from the BFSI sector

– Real Time Used Cases and Scenarios

– Panel Discussion

– Networking Sessions

– Pre-Scheduled One-One Business Meetings

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Participating industries

– Banking & Financial Services

– Credit unions

– Insurance companies

– Accountancy firms

– Consumer finances

– Investment firms

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Attendee Segregation 2018

2% ASSOCIATIONS  |  49% BANKS  |  5% GOVERNMENTS  |  16% INSURANCE  |  1% MEDIA  |  20% NBFC  |  1% OTHERS  |   4% SECURITIES  |  2% STOCKS

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Our respected line of speakers and panelists bring to the event hands-on knowledge and insights by sharing their experience through interactive presentations, case studies, panel and round table discussion. Attendees of the event will have a unique platform to learn from the current trends and important developments that can be readily absorbed and implemented at their respective organizations. 

Champika Wijayatunga

RM- SSR Engagement- APAC, ICANN

Damith Pallewatte

CRO, Hatton National Bank

Indraka Liyanage

CRO, ICICI Sri Lanka

Pramith Dezoyasa

CISO, National Savings Bank

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